Make Your Own Fabric Blackboard

Surprisingly easy to make and great for an afternoon of creativity!

I bought a fat quarter of chalkboard fabric on ebay at around £7, but you can cut this up to make lots of blackboards, I cut mine into 6. Its really versatile and can be sewn with normal fabrics but it needs to be washed at low temperatures.

My blackboard is really long as I went into creative overload. On mine there is a small pocket at the bottom to house the chalk and the section underneath the blackboard is a simple black ribbon line to attach a picture with small pegs.

Fabric Blackboard Tea Please

I made the blackboard in sections starting with the bottom pocket as I thought this would be the widest bit as I wanted to use the postcard fabric to create a pocket.

With all the below sections don’t forget to leave a 1/4 inch seam allowance to be able to attach each section together!!

Pocket Section

To attached the pocket I simply cut out the postcard picture with a 1/4 inch seam allowance all the way round, I iron the seams inwards. The top section needs to be stitched over to give the top a nice finish, then pin three remaining sides of the pocket to a strip of  fabric which is the foundation piece of this section. Then simply machine stitch  round the 2 sides and bottom of the pocket ensuring the inside seams are stitched over.


I embellished this section further by attaching two dragons on either side. using fusaweb, I ironed the figures on.

The length of this section will dictate the rest of the blackboard (just make sure it is wider than your piece of blackboard fabric!).

Photograph Section

This section needs to be the same length as the pocket section, don’t forget your 1/4 inch seam allowance when creating your masterpiece but you can always add a ‘frame’ of fabric if you come up short! Wait until all the sections are attached before adding ribbon to hang your pictures on, ensuring that there is enough tension in the ribbon to hold a photograph without it dipping into the pocket section.

Picture Holder

My photograph section was 6 inches (6 1/2 inches with seam allowance) in Height to allow for a photograph to hand easily. To support the ribbon I also added two buttons over the ends of the ribbon.

Blackboard Section

This is the easy bit! Here I just attached a frame to the blackboard at the top and sides to make it easier to attach the other sections to it. As the material is slippy I would advise stitching slowly using your machine and I used the vinyl setting on machine to stitch over the blackboard fabric as it is of similar thickness.

Tea Please!

Push the seams open by hand do not use an iron as this will damage the blackboard fabric.

The top Section

Here you can go as plain or as wild as you like! Here I displayed a section of my own designed fabric at the top and using fusaweb cut out shapes of BC (don’t forget to draw your design on backwards on fusaweb as when you iron it onto the fabric it will be a mirror image of what you have drawn) the letters are mine and my husband’s initials but it could be Cross Stitch, Embroidery. Anything you like!

Title section

Bring it all together!

Then attach all the pieces together to form a whole! Iron the seams open on the back except for the blackboard section, where the fabric touches the blackboard fabric.


Once all the pieces are put together, I then sewed the buttons and ribbons on. Embellish your design as much or as little as you like avoiding the sides as these will later need to be closed.

Sandwiching your blackboard

Cut out a back, I used a dotted fabric but make it a inch or two wider on all sides than your finished project. Do the same with your selected wadding. I chose a flat wadding so that the finish piece will hang easily. Lay the back fabric on the floor, decorated side down, smooth fabric out so there are no creases, then carefully lay the wadding over the top, smoothing out creases and finally lay the finished black board over the top again smoothing out creases gently.

Then loosely tack the sections together avoiding the blackboard section!! Do not put a needle through the black board as it will damage it.


Just to hold the sections together when they hand, quilt as little or as much as you want to. I went round the outlines of the letters in the top section, did wavy lines in the leaf sections on either side of the blackboard and went round some of the houses in the photo section.

Once you’ve finished cut off the additional wadding and fabric around  the board

Closing the board

On the back of the top and bottom of the board I added two pockets used to hang the board. I used 4 inches of fabric folded in two and attached rough edge to the top of the fabric. I added two pockets, one at the bottom to weigh it down as it was long.

Then bind close the board as you would a normal quilt.

To hang I inserted wooden doweling with two metal loops inserted at either end of the dowel. Once in the back pocket add ribbon to complete! I also put a length of wooden doweling in the bottom pocket just to weigh the board down.

Tah Dah you’re done 🙂


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