Great Expectations…

Again I meant to blog ages ago but things got a little busy… Firstly I was preparing for the arrival of my little one, who in great expectations of her arrival I got busy creatively, of course!

Preparing her nursery we decided that we would have a central theme of giraffes. Neither my husband nor I are tall but perhaps that is the appeal!

We decided on yellow and grey for her room and I set to work on creating a quilt, cushion, lamp and a giraffe themed mobile.

The quilt and cushion came about following another lesson at Hometown in Rochester. This time the workshop was entitled cookie cutter quilts. The idea being to create a quilt with appliqué shapes made from cookie cutters!

I set about finding animal shapes including a giraffe, elephant, a hippo and a flamingo…. Yes a flamingo.


I kept the central colours as yellow and grey to match the nursery but I went all out in choosing the colours for the animals. Here I was finally able to raid that massive hoard of fabric, I had been harbouring for an undefined project.

I have to say, the Liberty print giraffe has to be my favourite! Though I definitely have a soft spot for those flamingos! One the fabrics used was one of my very first purchases. Knew it would come in handy one day.

I then made a matching cushion, this time the hippo got the Liberty effect!


The mobile again was created using the cookie cutter shape and then stuffed with left over quilt filling ripped up. I then used ribbons to attach the giraffes to two different sized embroidery hoops, which were in turn covered in ribbons. I fastened them with double sided tape that is used in lampshade making.


Finally the finishing touch, a giraffe lampshade.


When we finished decorating the room, I found the circus quilt I made a few years ago with amazing circus fabric, we hung this up on the grey wall. As you can see the colours really pop!


Anyway, slightly earlier than planned our little one arrived in May. I am doing my best to look after her and make time for sewing. However it is not surprising that my productivity levels have somewhat reduced!

I do, however, hope that I will be able to pass on my love of sewing to my little one when she is a little bit older! But for now I’m just getting her used to the soothing sounds of the sewing machine.



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