Back to Black…

I have been quilting for a number of years now and I have noticed that I love bright colours but equally I love to use black backgrounds. I was talking to a fellow quilter who doesn’t like using black and when looking at quilts I can’t say I have seen many that actually do. I think that the black showcases the bright fabrics enhancing the colours rather than swamping them.

My very first quilt which some of you may have already seen, was backed with black and white stars, I chose it because I thought it would make the reds POP!

Start at the Beginning

Which I think does its job! It almost looks 3D.

Its not the first time I have used Black and Red together, whilst creating a Dresden plate quilt I also used Red and Black. The quilt now hangs proudly in our living room, mostly because I am shocked I managed to do a ‘Dresden’ with points and everything!!

Close up!

Am I convincing you yet that black and colours are the way to go???

Can you see that it makes you notice the fabrics more?

But there is nothing like LIME GREEN and Black!

Green and Black - Copy

Note the points again! Obviously I was feeling adventurous, this quilt caused me unbelievable quilt stress! Mostly because the start of it involved a protractor!! I had to go buy one, who knew that those were useful beyond the class room and that they were capable of making something so beautiful. Also there was some stress whilst compiling the blocks which for some reason was one of those that tested my brain and I had to keep checking and checking again that they were right! I’m breaking out into a cold sweat just thinking about it!!

Needless to say we kept this one, not least because of the awesome safari fabric complete with Rhinos, Giraffes and Elephants…What’s not to like!

Pink and Black - Copy

Pink and yellow also work, there’s something art deco about this design and more so because the of the black background, did I mention that it makes patterns POP too??

In fact lets face it, black works with all the colours of the rainbow!

Rainbow and Black

This one was my own design made for my Father in Law’s 60th birthday. A lightning rainbow, I love the fabrics in this one, possibly because there are so many!

I don’t want you to think I am biased though, not all my quilts have a black background, even I admit that would get boring so just to even this blog up ever so slightly, here is a quilt backed in cream! Also good for making colours POP!

Purple and Cream!

This was a mammoth project and will be the first and last time I make a King Size quilt! The fabrics were bought on a whim (surprise surprise!) My favourite is the deep purple flowers. However I’ve just noticed, I have used black again!! Oh dear, well it does make the colours POP! 🙂

Well hopefully I have inspired you to pick up the black fabric next time you are contemplating a new design!


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