Making mistakes, after all nobody should be perfect!

They say that the Amish deliberately make mistakes when creating their quilts because only God should be perfect. Now if I was being honest I would have to say that the mistakes I make are not deliberate, but are mostly accidents when either not playing attention or through some annoying interference from unknown forces!

I always start out with good intentions, meticulously cutting the fabric, blocking my blocks and then carefully piecing and ‘easing’ pieces in to position. But sometimes (most of the time) something goes ever so slightly wrong.

This is where you get ‘Character’, ‘uniqueness’ and anything else that means there is no way you could repeat the mistake again! Even if you wanted to, that is the law of quilting mistakes.

Now I am not sure I should be pointing out some of these but just to make you feel better, here are some of my ‘interesting characteristic’ parts of my quilts made to date!

Those ships…

Ships going their own way

are supposed to be sailing the same direction, but they decided not to, some were on the side of the Spanish Armada it seems….

Not to mention I accidentally used wadding intended for oven gloves to make this, mmmm toasty!! And ridiculously hard to quilt!

The elephants that despite spending ages laying out the blocks…

Big CircusCircus Quilt

still ended up on the same row!

And the age old quilting issue, those patterns or colours that congregate together somehow…

Light Blues play together

even thought you tried to make sure they didn’t! All the light blue fabrics are at the top of the quilt.

I know some of this is nit picking but that is the way of quilting, perfect quilters (if such a thing exists) will get these things right, but I know my limitations! And sometimes its the quirks that really make a quilt.

My Dad loves his ships quilt despite the chaos that would ensue in the shipping lanes at Dover if ships behaved as they do on my quilt! And it is extra warm on those cold winter nights!!

The circus quilt proved popular last year when I submitted it to a local quilt exhibition despite the elephants going along two by two and who notices the light blue issue when something has been lovingly made and is fundamentally unique!

After all its not like I’ll make the same mistakes again… well maybe not…


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