Journal Quilts a la Quilted Bird…

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I joined a quilting group and one of the ladies there brought her Journal Quilts to show the group. Journal quilts capture a moment in time just like a normal diary but this time in pictorial form and obviously using fabrics!  We were set a challenge to create a ‘page’ for the month of April.

There are competitions held challenging people to create journal pages around particular themes. The ‘Contemporary Quilt’ Group is a member of the Quilters Guild and set journal quilt challenges every year. You can see some of their work here

There are no hard or fast rules (that I am aware of!) you can use any medium, embellishments, create them daily, weekly or monthly. Your only limit is your imagination and your fabric stash!

So I got my thinking cap on and thought about what I wanted to capture and that’s when I thought a travel journal would be apt! I love to travel, and all our spare monies go towards planning our next trip!

Capturing our memories in quilt form seemed like the logical step for an avid stitcher like me!

Blog photo Bergen Norway

Last September we had the privilege to cruise Norway’s Fjords and one of our stops was Bergen, it was very beautiful if not a little wet! The weather was changeable all day but when we were looking at one of Bergen’s most famous vistas, a Rainbow appeared. This has stayed with me since and hence my first Journal Quilt interpretation

Whilst my design is not a faithful interpretation it captures the bits I loved the most, the scenery, the varied colours and of course that rainbow!

Bergen Journal Quilt

I layered fabric scraps and fastened them using Fusible Interfacing (Bondaweb or similar) Some fun Liberty fabric was used to make the rainbow with glass beads to catch the eye. I also used a mixture of hand embroidery and machine stitching to create some added features.

It was really good fun to do and I hope to one day capture a moment from each of my holidays and perhaps get more adventurous with my fabric choices and embellishments!

Here’s to future Journal Quilt Entries a la Quilted Bird!


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