Wish you were here… Fabric Style!

Little postcards to send a little cheer! I love making these and if you feel like having a creative session with almost instant results, this is it!

It also uses all those tiny bits and pieces you insist on keeping but actually are good for nothing!! Except now fabric postcards hurrah!!

You can use wadding for the middle bit or a bit of card and some glue, but there is double sided fusible stabiliser (used for strengthening bags and fabric based projects) which is quite solid and I have found ideal for making postcards. Then you just iron on top a piece of fabric, as with quilting I only use cotton but you can use any fabric you have lying around. I have found plain light fabrics best  if you plan to make a picture on top.

Then the world is your oyster! Those of you who read my post about making my own fabric you might recognise the one below, and a variation on a theme! (Breaking that dark fabric rule I just told you about! oops!)

Fabric Postcard of Cityscapepostcard purple city at night

Designs can be as complicated or as easy as you like, you can even mix media, for example a couple of Christmases ago I made Hello Kitty themed cards with cross stitch, buttons, ribbons and beads. I even made a couple of book marks using the same method but slightly smaller!

Hello Kitty Does Christmas

You can even use ready made pictures from fabrics you buy, really quick and simple to make just add buttons to embellish! I use fusaweb to attach designs to the postcard top and then sew through the card and fabric to affix the design to the card. With fusaweb the glue should be strong enough to hold once ironed.

Dragon Postcard

However you can use stitching as a feature of your design, as you can see below machine stitching around the edges and through the middle of the kite has given it definition and the line through the bows keeps them in place.

Kite Postcard

Once you are happy with the front, iron fabric onto the back, again a plain fabric is best and not too dark as you’ll be writing on top! (This time I mean it!) Once fixed in place, sew round the edge of the postcard. I like to use medium zigzag stitch but you can use any stitch you like to keep your postcard together.

Then the postcard is ready for writing on! I always put my initials and the year I made it on the back in the corner before sending them on their way!

Although I have never been brave enough to do so, you can send these by post, just make sure you take them to the post office and ask them for a sticky stamp and ask them to put it in their parcel bag! I wouldn’t suggest embellishing these ones with buttons and the like though because I imagine you’ll break their equipment!! You can put them in an envelope too 🙂


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