Tea Please…A Fabric Blackboard?!

Imagine my excitement when I discovered that there was such a thing as chalkboard fabric!!! Yes it is a little sad, just how much excitement but all the same, it is pretty awesome!!

I bought mine from ebay, a fat quarters worth cost me around £7 but I figured if I cut it up I could make quite a few blackboards (family & friends beware, guess what’s coming to your home soon!)

What I love is that you can be as creative as you like! My friend just before Christmas was looking for mini pegs so that she could hang her Christmas Cards up on string which got me thinking… what about a section where you could hang a photo, then where to put the chalk, so that spurred on the idea of a pocket, before I knew it I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve in my head!

Last week I mentioned those gorgeous fabrics I bought from Spoonflower including my own designed fabric and thought this would be the perfect project to incorporate some of those in!

So two dragons stand proud next to the postcard pocket, guarding the chalk!

Fabric Blackboard Tea Please

And finally the top which has our surname initials and in the middle a section of my own fabric!

It took me an afternoon and was immensely satisfying to make. Visit my ‘How to make your own fabric blackboard‘ page above for details of how to make your own!

The great thing is, is that it can be as long or as small as you want and well anything goes!! Show off your embroidery, create separate blackboard fabric sections, applique… the options are endless.

What was the first thing to be written on the board? It has to be the most said phase in the house…. ‘Tea Please’ !!!

Tea Please!


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