Spoonflower and a world of endless possibilities!

So last year I took the plunge I designed my own fabric! I have always wanted to do it but thought it would be expensive to do so. Not sure what started me off, but one bored evening I started googling. A habit that always ends in money being spent!!!

That’s when I discovered http://www.spoonflower.com, a company based in America that allows ordinary quilters and artists to design and print their own fabric at a reasonable cost. What they also allow you to do is sell your own designs so others can buy your designs too. There are thousands of designs available for purchase from a huge range of subjects from Birds to Monsters to Urbanscapes. I spent hours browsing the site seeing what others had done and working out whether this would be a costly venture!

The trouble is now that I had finally decided on designing my own fabric I needed to make up my mind what design to make! I love cityscapes and in 2011 I designed a fabric postcard which was a simple black outline of a sun with an apocalyptic sun.

Fabric Postcard of Cityscape

To turn your design into fabric all you need to do is upload a file in either a JPG, PNG,  SVG, AI, GIF, TIF, or EPS file which basically means anyone can do it. I took a photo of my postcard and then in Paint I adjusted the picture. Including making my sun more dramatic. Any blemishes in the picture need be worked on as they will appear in the final product as they work exactly from your file. You can find out more about how to make your own fabric on Spoonflower’s website under FAQ’s

Surprisingly a Fat quarter retails at just $11 for Kona Cotton which is around £6/7 depending on the exchange rate, which when you consider its your own design that’s not bad! And the shipping costs were minor (a few pounds) considering how far it comes. Now to make it really worth it, I suppose you ought to buy other fabric at the same time…

So I bought 3 other designs from various people, the best thing is everytime you buy someone like you is making money, which is lovely to support. I chose an Amsterdam themed fabric, Chinese Lanterns and some awesome Dragons.

It took about 3/4 weeks to reach me but I was beyond exited when I got it and the results are as below! I opted to mirror my design and made it smaller than the original postcard size. I haven’t decided how I am going to use it yet, but have a city inspired quilt design in mind.  Its a little trippy but I love it and I am so proud that its all mine 🙂

the finished design

I should point out that Spoonflower don’t just do fabric but also do Wallpaper and  Wall Decals, lucky I don’t live in my own house or I might be wallpapering as we speak!

So what are you waiting for?? Go forth and create!


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