Meet George the bare bear!

George has been a fixture in our office for a number of years and when I joined the team he was naked… now I should probably take a moment to clarify that George is a bear! Our mascot was originally dressed in a small t-shirt but it had gone walkabouts and he was left rather bare.

All the other bears laughed at him, proudly displaying their t-shirts for all to see, so one weekend George took a trip home with me and returned with an outlandish outfit which he could wear with pride

George's first outfit

Here George is rocking the colours of our logo, Orange and Purple, on his return he hid in a tree (well office plant) with a note for his original owner, saying he had visited Japan and was inspired by their dress sense.

Once I start something….

So on the  next visit to mine, George returned to work dressed in a glorious Christmas outfit this time complete with matching trousers!!

George does ChristmasAt Christmas George becomes the Office ‘Fairy’ and takes pride of place at the top of the tree, I love these fabrics the cute Christmas puddings on the top and the little Rudolphs on the trousers are awesome. As always George’s outfits are made from left over fabric from other projects, in this case the year I made 6 Christmas stockings aghhhhh!

So finally last year George’s latest outfit was designed as a dual celebration, the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics!

George Jubliee

The front of George’s outfit was a celebration of all things British… though if you look carefully George’s outfit as become a little bit of a tribute to The Sex Pistols! And no outfit made last year could miss the biggest Sporting event ever to take place on our small Island, the Olympic Games! So the back of George’s outfit paid tribute to the year we hosted the Summer Games.

George Olympics

George loved rocking this outfit out and about particularly when the Olympics came to our home town via the torch relay

George watches the torch relay torch relay

So now it is 2013 and George needs a new outfit but I am not sure what outfit to make for him, he has become a demanding customer and a permanent fixture in our office, his new outfit is eagerly awaited…  so I would welcome any ideas you might have!


2 thoughts on “Meet George the bare bear!

  1. Love that there is a hole in the back of his outfit for his tail!
    It is the Year of the Snake in China so maybe something related to that? If not I think George should go a bit northern and have a t-shirt with mountains on to celebrate the Lake District 🙂

    • Both awesome ideas think I might have to get to work on a new outfit. Perhaps if George has a Lake District outfit he’ll need to visit you and your blog! But perhaps not at the same time as Tilly!!!

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