Extreme Crafting – One day off, One Christmas mission!

Yesterday I had a Craft day, a few hectic weeks meant that I hadn’t done any crafting for ages so I felt the urge to create!!

So I set off on a mission, Christmas is coming and I wanted to make cards, baubles and bunting! Early on this year I made a giant fabric advent calendar that my Husband and I have filled with surprises for each other We are big kids at heart! (Today I got an Albus Dumbledore Lego keyring 🙂 )

I was inspired by bright vibrant colours this year. Hot Pink and Neon Green!! I first bought the Polar Bear fabric from Robert Kaufman this summer at a quilt exhibition and it got me started on a whole host of bright Christmas fabric. It took me ages to find the neon pink fabric to bind the calendar but I persevered!

Advent Blog

Thursday I left work and whilst watching Kirsty’s Vintage Home, I began what was to be an ‘Extreme Crafting’ session lasting a couple of days. I first set to work on the bunting. Creating the word CHRISTMAS using fusaweb to sit alongside some of the leftover fabric from the advent calendar. Halfway through creating the letters I remembered that you have to draw patterns backwards DOH!

Luckily Christmas has a lot of letters that look the same backwards i.e H and A…. Phew!! On Friday I woke early (well early for a day off) and set to work finishing the bunting adding glittery white buttons to weigh it down so it doesn’t blow about in the wind too much when we put it on the balcony.

Blog Bunting

This was then followed by Bauble making, I confess not all of these were made today!! Let’s not go over board but they are fun and really easy to make. My thumb however is a little purple and sore from sticking all the little pins in!! The fabric used in all of these are left over from quilts I have made this year. Including a circus and a sea themed quilt, that’s not very Christmassy I hear you say??? Well if your tree is anything like mine, it’s a mish mash of all things pretty and collected on our travels, so not sure anything looks out of place!! 🙂

Blog Baubles

Each one is individual and would look great on any tree!!

Then finally onto the Fabric Christmas cards again using the same psychedelic fabric! I love the reindeer fabric, here I put a small red glass bead to accentuate his shiny nose!! I hope they are well loved when they find themselves new homes.

Blog Postcards

After all that crafting I am exhausted and apparently I have worked some muscles I didn’t know I had.  Well that’s it for this Christmas I think, back to creating more quilts I think… On that subject, I might have already purchased more fabric… Well you know me!!!


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