The not so secret ‘Secret Fabric Stash’

I have a confession to make… I am addicted to buying fabric!

and I am sure I am not alone in this addiction. I have more fabric that I could ever possibly use yet this has not slowed purchasing down, for example last week I bought a further 6 fat quarters… and they weren’t even matching.

When I got home I wanted to start a new quilt, my husband pointed out the unfinished quilts in the corner…

There is something about starting a new project that is so much more attractive than finishing an old one. A few weeks ago I went to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace and there they had an exhibition of unfinished work which was amazing to see. They had asked people to send in projects they had started and not finished, there were half sewn tapestries,  bits of patchwork quilts and forlorn scarfs too short to wear. Basically it was an exhibition of good intentions. I am sure we can all relate!

Should I admit that more fabric was bought here too?

The thing about my secret stash of fabric, is that it is no longer secret as there are boxes of them! And then there are the bits that are randomly dotted around the house, craft corner is more like craft room -come- living room in my house.

I am a sucker for the idea of a new quilt and fabric picking is one of the best parts. Some manufacturers like ‘Moda’ tease you with fabric you need to buy there and then or miss out because once it is gone its gone. So there you go there is always an excuse, this will be perfect for so and so, I might not see it again, this is for the big project I have always been planning and so on! My husband has heard them all.

I probably shouldn’t mention the box of scraps I can’t bare to get rid of, well it might be useful for something… like a quilt for a hamster?


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