Sometimes Quilts Just Pick Their Own Theme

Hurrah for a day off work and one spent crafting!

The arrival of a new workshop list, is like Christmas, not least because this time I wasn’t expecting it. That very morning my manager received a list of holiday dates, as I picked my way through the courses I wanted to do. One of these was ‘Townscapes’, which promises that you can create your own town design in a quilt! List of courses in my hand I descended upon Hometown with eagerness not to miss out.

So today was the day that I was going to design a town in a quilt. I had no idea what I was going to do, picking random fabrics as per instructions I knew I was going to contrast dark fabrics with vibrant colours for the windows.

I chose the above fabrics, it was really hard to envisage what it would like not having yet seen the finished product. So this morning I was raring to go, excited at the prospect of starting a new project and also adding some more feathers to my quilting bow.

7 ladies arrived in anticipation, Mandy’s (our tutor for the day) quilt was on display and looked horribly complicated as these things always do. Castles, cottages and buildings with curved roofs. CURVED roofs!!! (I should point out that I have never sewn curved anything before.)

So we started with windows and here is where I made some decisions which dictated the rest of the quilt. I opted for orange and yellow windows. Before I knew it I was constructing a Halloween-esque quilt. Sometimes quilts pick their own theme.

I know, I know Halloween is only a week away, lets just say I am getting a realllllly early start for next year!

Having started down this road I then proceeded to make a tall house with a pointy roof and what should have been a cottage but actually looks like a mausoleum! I wonder sometimes where my brain takes me.

The result of a day’s hard work. Oh and hey, a CURVED roof and door, well once you start…

So having started what can only be described as a Halloween quilt I then felt the colours of the rest of the quilt needed rethinking. I want to create a castle, a church, chimneys and a few more mausoleums! But to do this I am sure that I will require more fabric…

So despite having two boxes filled with fabric, I may have bought more… Just don’t tell the husband!!

So watch this space, I hope that I’ll eventually be able to show the finish product soon, just perhaps not in time for Halloween, after all I am not SuperQuilter! Just one woman attempting to conquer the world one quilt at a time…


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