Let’s start at the very beginning

Every quilter has a beginning and this is mine…

In 2009, I was randomly wandering the aisle of Hobbycraft after a meal with a friend musing that perhaps we should take up a new hobby. Browsing the books I picked up a copy of ‘Quilting for Dummies’ thinking this looks up my street. My friend opted for cross stitch.

Needless to say whilst intentions were good, it turns out that purchasing a book is not actually ‘starting’ a craft! So it sat on my shelf for months and then some…

One particularly cold Saturday, my partner and I went to our local town Rochester, ‘Hometown’ a beautiful quilt shop had open the previous winter and was tempting me with its window display of vibrant fabrics, but more interestingly there was a sign… ‘Workshops now available’

Sitting in the Deaf Cat I deliberated, ‘To quilt or not to Quilt’ (well given the title of my blog we already know which way I went!)

My first course was aptly entitled ‘Let’s start at the very beginning’. Receiving the materials list was so exciting but intimidating at the same time. What fabrics to choose??? I ran round the shop like a kid in a sweetie shop, before eventually settling on Reds, whites and Blacks to match the colour of our living room.

The course was amazing, I was going through a particularly tough time at work but those few hours on a Thursday evening were a joy. I was one of two people crazy enough to hand sew the quilt in its entirely! Huddled in the corner we stitched away the evening. I was I confess a little scared of the sewing machine I inherited from my mum. (more on that another time!)Now after the four weeks were up I had completed the front and back of my quilt and all that remained was to ‘sandwich’ , quilt and ‘close’ it. I am ashamed to say that it took a further 6 months before I worked up the courage to finish it!! Well after painstakingly piecing the quilt I didn’t want to ruin it on the final hurdle!! :)Well needless to say I did eventually finish it and this is the finished article! And so I thought I was ready to tackle the next project…

Which was a variation on a theme, this time the ‘Birds of Norway’ was the fabric that caught my eye and love (I am fickle I admit as there are many fabrics that have since caught my eye!!)

So needless to say I was hooked!! And here starts my quilting ways…


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